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Ruto States Condition for potential Handshake With Raila After Election

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Ruto Lists Condition for Handshake With Raila After Election

William Ruto, the deputy president, claims that he would only shake hands with Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio La Umoja, to demonstrate that the two are dignified leaders.

Ruto reacted to Raila’s promise to contact all presidential candidates in order to bring the country together following the voting on August 9 regardless of the outcome.

The former prime minister was further advised to accept defeat if he loses the presidential race by the Democratic Party (DP) in a speech he gave on Saturday, August 9, at Nyayo Stadium.

“I will call my brother Raila for tea but I will not repeat what happened five years ago. Combining opposition and the government to create something unknown that did not benefit the nation,” Ruto made this statement in relation to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila’s handshake in March 2018.

Ruto Lists Condition for Handshake With Raila After Election

The Big 4 Agenda and other development initiatives, he argued, were blocked by the gentleman’s agreement between the two leaders.
Ruto also attributed the rising expense of living to the two, arguing that allowing the opposition inside the government required corruption and state takeover.

He mentioned the KEMSA scandal and urged the President to make sure the offenders are captured and prosecuted.

Ruto stated to the applauding throng that his team has a strategy centered on the growth of the nation while promoting the Kenya Kwanza agenda.

He promised that his administration will put aside money for healthcare, development, and job opportunities for young people.

“When you go to the ballot on Tuesday, you will be choosing between a team with many plans for the country and a team with many stories from the past,” Ruto noted.

“I wish you (Uhuru) well as you proceed to retirement. I am very confident that you know my capacity, you have nothing to fear as the country will move forward. I will respect the foundation we built and improve on it. It will be phenomenal,” he also addressed Uhuru.

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